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Beauner wrote:

Jane Fonda wrote:

Beauner wrote:

I did those gunslinger missions pretty quickly too. The pistols you can pick up from them are awesome.

I’m using 2 of the pistols right now. Picked up all 3, but at some point, I lost one. Not sure how, or when, but I was back to the cattlemen’s revolver, and the other one was gone, and I couldn’t switch back to it. Then I got the other 2, and just use those, but still wish I had the 3rd one I lost.

I also found the pump action shotgun, which makes killing people much more efficient.

I used Flaco’s revolver and Granger’s revolver almost exclusively, until I created a couple customized guns that I rotated. After the epilogue you can find another elite pistol or two that I use now.

Flaco’s is the one I lost somehow. I am using Granger’s and Midnight’s right now.