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Beauner wrote:

Jane Fonda wrote:

RDR2 question. I did the thing where I needed to talk to the 4 old sharpshooters, and take their pictures. Now, after I have all 4 done, do I have to go find that author again? I went back to that same saloon I found him in, and he wasn’t there. Not sure if I need to seek him out, or if that side mission is done now that I took the pictures. Similarly, for the dinosaur bones, how do I give the information to the archeologist? It said something about mailing her the info, but I have no idea how to do that.

The gunslinger author side mission will pop up again later at some point with the author’s initials. No need to search him out cuz I don’t think you’ll find him. I think he reappeared for me in chapter 4 or 5 if I remember right. I was in Saint Denis.

As for the dinosaur bones – you can go to any post office after finding bones and it will offer you the option “Send Mail” and the locations will be there to send out.

Ok, thanks for the help.

I’m at the point where I’ve done all of the main mission things, except for having to go back to Blackwater, and have been putting that off. Still in Chapter 2.