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Handyman wrote:

I am not super good with eagle eye…I have used it a few times but never as much as I should. How does it work exactly?

The “eagle eye” is what you use to track/locate things. You activate it by pushing in the left and right sticks simultaneously.

It’s useful for tracking animals, but it also highlights action items. I use it sometimes if I’m robbing/looting a house, it will highlight all the things in a room that can be looted (cabinets, drawers, chests, etc).

It’s also very useful if you’re trying to track down plants for crafting. Harvestable plants will have these spore cloud looking things around them. So if you’re riding around and see a bunch of bushes, you can go into eagle eye, and if they’re highlighted with a bunch of glowing spores around them, you know that’s a plant you can harvest.

Edit: had this reply open for a while as I was distracted by something at work. So in summary, yes, what Beauner said :lol: