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I have been in Mexico for the last week. Get back tomorrow night and have 2 days off before I go back to work so I plan to catch up. I am like 13% through.

One thing I struggle with is the shooting. I know it is a generation thing with video games because we are down here with 5 other couples and 3 of them play it and the youngest guy is really good at shooting. I just aim and fire and release the aim button and fire again. I don’t know how anyone has the ability to get headshots to get the check marks on missions? Maybe one day I will figure it out…

Do you know that it auto aims for you when you hold the left trigger in, to aim? It locks on to the target’s center of gravity, so to get headshots, I hold the left trigger in to aim, and slightly move your aim up while squeezing the right trigger to shoot.

Of course, dead eye is the best/easiest way to get headshots, too.

I did not know that. I know that when you release the trigger and pull it again, it locks on to the nearest object, I guess maybe that is the same thing.

I have only used dead eye twice I think.

When looking for headshots, I did what GG13 did most of the time. Pull left trigger, right stick up a bit, pull trigger. No more head. Lather, rinse, repeat.

When in large groups, deadeye tag a bunch of heads and pull the trigger once and you’ll kill errrbody. The tagging feature in deadeye is great once you get it unlocked.