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gopherguy13 wrote:

Slap Shot wrote:

Can you cruise around in this world with other users or is this single player only?

Well, there is an online portion of the game, and you can team up with friends, but you’ll be in the world with various other random people who will likely be DBags.

You can’t just be in the world with one other person and no other humans, to my knowledge. Although that would be cool!

Essentially you’re correct. There is an online mode. My buddies and I played it one night and did a couple stranger quests and it basically turned into guys who had been playing online for weeks that had all the best guns, etc. killing us three “newbs” (we’d never done any online stuff before) after trying to escort a wagon crew. I like the idea of having other posses being able to attack you while trying to do side quests but they literally killed us for like 10 straight minutes even after they destroyed the wagons we were trying to escort.

If another player kills you 3 or 4 straight times you can parley with them which basically makes you invisible to them for 10-15 minutes. But then you’re back on their radar.

It was kinda douchey. I’m hoping they will make a change to that at some point.