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So riding to Rhodes…decide to kill a dude cause I am bored. Next thing I know 5 cops are on me! Kill them all in epic shoot out. Decide I want to loot them cause…well money! Loot 2 and 5 more show up. Horse runs away. Shoot 3 and call back the horse. Get on the horse and kill the other 2. Take a breath…3 more show up! Ride around and kill them! 5 MORE SHOW UP! Kill them and run away. Get away and relax for a second. Decide to go back on my path o Rhodes. Ride right by a cop. He is already red so I shoot him. His buddy shows up and I kill him too! Next thing I know I am running again and get mowed down by two after they shoot my horse to the point he can barely run!

Long story short…kill someone at the wrong time…$440 bounty 5 minutes later! :D