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Beauner wrote:

Handyman wrote:

Yeah there was a point I had a bounty pretty much everywhere…kinda made the game hard :shock:

Just finished Chapter 5…seriously can I just kill Dutch?

One of the side challenges is to survive 3 days with a bounty of like $250 in every state.

It might be a higher bounty, I can’t remember for sure.

It is kind of fun trying to ride into Saint Denis when you have a massive bounty…people come out of nowhere and just start shooting! Hell if I see anyone who looks like a Lemoyne Raider i might as well start shooting cause they all hate :D

Funny thing is a couple of times I had zero bounties and cops just came up and pulled their guns on me and started threatening me. In Valentine I just left but the other time I surrendered then blew the cops head off cause he was being a dick :D