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theskillz wrote:

Beauner wrote:

I’m up to like 98.3% in completion now. The challenges I need to complete are so frustrating.

I’ve won 2 games of dominoes in a row like 6 times and then lost the third game every time.

And yes, I do hogtie the person who beat me in my third game and drag them behind my horse or leave them on train tracks to die.

LOL – I’m a sore loser when someone beats me in poker in RDR2. There have been moments where if I lose, my next “big blind” will be a stick of dynamite on the table.

I’ve been hunting of late, just getting supplies for crafting.

I need to find some more Carolina parakeets too. I accidentally stumbled across a flock of them one day and got a side challenge where I apparently need to kill a certain amount. I have not found then since that first encounter though.