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Jane Fonda wrote:

So, I haven’t actually played a video game, seriously, since college (11 years), and even then, I played very rarely, and poorly, and usually Tiger Woods golf. I am really not up-to-date on anything video game related, and frankly, I suck at them.

Fast forward to this fall. My wife mentions to me several times that she wants to play Red Dead Redemption. She also isn’t a big video game person, so this kinda surprised me. We had both heard about it on the Power Trip, and she really seemed to be interested. So, I looked into it a bit, and found out I’d have to buy an XBox of some kind, and whatnot. Decided to get it for her for Christmas. Spent the money on the XBox, and the game, and the package I found on Amazon also threw in some other Battlefield game too, that hasn’t left the box yet.

We didn’t end up getting it until well after Christmas, think it showed up in the mail a week ago tomorrow. We get it all setup, took forever just to figure out how to use the damn XBox, and spend 4 hours to load the damn thing. Finally, she was able to start the game. Given than neither of us have a damn clue how to play video games, it took a while to figure out which buttons were what on the controller, and other stuff that is probably basic for people that have played a game the last 10 years. But, after a while she got the hang of it, and really seems to enjoy it. We both now have games going, and I think we’re both in the teens somewhere for completion %. So far, the game has been incredible. The detail is awesome. You guys are blown away by this thing, but we haven’t played video games in 10 years, holy crap this is different than the games I remember my roommates in college playing. We like it quite a bit, and switch off playing between the 2 of us, our 2 games, even though we’re doing them concurrently are already vastly different from each other.

Long story short, even for complete video game illiterate novices like us, this game is tons of fun, and awesome to play. I can’t believe that it is so much fun, but also not frustrating. All games I played in the past frustrated me, because stuff never worked the way I thought it should. This one is not like that. If I get killed, it isn’t because my gun isn’t aiming the way I think it should, it is because I did something dumb. I guess what I’m saying is, it isn’t glitchy or cumbersome to play. Probably won’t ever play any other game on that damn XBox, but I think we’ll get enough use out of just game to make it worth it.

It’s really quite an achievement when you think about it, to have a game that can appeal to complete video game novices, but also to guys like us who are gamers and have been playing video games literally our entire lives. That’s pretty rare. It’s either too tough for the novice crowd, or too boring for the hardcore crowd.

The story is just fantastic, even the side stuff that I’m doing now after completing the main story line is new and interesting.