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Finished chapter 3…can I just kill Dutch cause his plans suck! Killing a bunch of rednecks was fun though!

When I get back from Mexico I’m going to deep dive in to finish. I will have to limit my psychopathic tendencies :(

Side note: beginning from chapter 4 forward…. Yeah it’s tough to put down.

Hunting badgers tonight.. my patience is being tested. lol

I need one perfect crow carcass to finish this damn hunting quest. Yesterday I couldn’t not find crows everywhere when I was looking for a robin. Legitimately saw probably 150 in the 2 hours I was hunting.

Now, when I just need one? I’ve seen about 7, shot them all, and all were “good carcass” variety after death.

So freaking annoying.

I’ve had my best luck hunting badgers in the Rhodes area, FWIW.

And by hunting I mean going on badger killing sprees. I feel it is my duty as a Gopher fan.