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Handyman wrote:

Ok what annoys me is those people (like say Cory Cove) who say they beat the game dying 3 times or so. I died more than that trying to kill that white cougar in the friggin cave!

I robbed that bank in Valentine…so now no more baths :(

You can get a bath in every city, FWIW. Rhodes there’s one in the saloon, Saint Denis there’s one in a saloon, Strawberry there’s one in the hotel/welcome center. Even in Van Horn you can get one by the post office.

And I’m pretty sure you can go back to Valentine without issue later on too. I know I did.

As for total death count: I bet I got killed by that white cougar 4-5 times before I finally got it down. Other cougars got me a couple times too. And a grizzly. And the legendary bull gator (that thing’s head is about the size of Arthur’s body. Probably my favorite death I had 😂). Hell I probably died 5-6 times in Saint Denis trying to avoid my bounty crap and eventually just getting into a gun fight. During storyline missions I died probably 7-8 times. I’d guess my total death toll now is well over 70.

Handy have you found Margaret the circus guy/gal yet? That side quest is legendary 😂😂