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Also make sure it’s not on your horse. When you’re on your horse you can cycle through any weapons you have stored on it.

Huge key. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve been all prepared to run into an enemy camp thinking I have my pistols, my Lancaster, and my rare shotgun ready to roll…just to find out as I get shot at that my rifle and shotgun are on my horse.

Then I just have to go like Deadpool. Maximum effort.

I’ve had numerous encounters with the wrong weapon, forgetting to grab it from my horse. I’ve done a lot of silly things in the game — forgetting which button I was pushing and instead of starting a dialogue with a stranger, I end up pulling both pistols.. so much for talking..

I was robbing a stage coach based on a tip from the Association of Discouraged Men (or whatever it was called). Had pulled my Lancaster out with high velocity rounds in case they wanted to get frisky in the back cart, and had my Rare Shotgun with incendiary rounds, ya know, just for fun.

I was sure I had the Lancaster out and was going to shoot at an armed guard in the back of the coach.

Nope. Had the incendiary shotgun. Set the horses of the lead carriage on fire instead. 😂

Haha – that’s a classic RDR moment. I had just unhitched my horse in Saint Denis and accidentally kicked the hitching post. Suddenly I was wanted for vandalism.. lol

Oh yeah. I was trying to get the 660 foot kill for the sharpshooter challenge. Had a long scope rifle. Thought I was shooting at a guy. I hit the barn. Some guy riding by took off on his horse and was going to report me for vandalism.

I can’t even begin to count how many bounties I’ve gotten in Saint Denis just from bumping into people on my horse or running and knocking them down.