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theskillz wrote:

Handyman wrote:

Or…if you hare having a bad day…GO ON A KILLING SPREE! Nothing better than riding around and killing anyone that decides to look at you sideways :lol:

Of course then you gotta kill the witnesses. Then steal their horse ;)

My horse was right next to some random guy in Saint Denis and all I was trying to do was to get on the horse. Instead, I stomped on the man’s foot. Long story short, the bulk of the Saint Denis police department was after me.

LOL! Yeah I was in Valentine and got ambushed beat the snot out of a couple guys with Dutch and the cops left us alone. Then I decided to loot one of the guys and the cops started shooting! That was a hairy situation!

Also fun when you forget you have your gun out and say hi to someone. If they are ornery they just shoot you right away! If I had a nickel for every time I got attacked just for saying hello I would never have a bounty on my head :lol: