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gopherguy13 wrote:

MNGophers29 wrote:

Jeepers, I just figured out to wake Uncle up to head to town.

So, with hunting, every deer I have shot has had a bad hide. Is that because of my aim? Also, I know I am early on, but I can only take my pistol hunting at this point? What happpened to my rifle I had in Chapter 1?

Each animal has a different weapon you have to use to get a perfect pelt. While you’re hunting, if you lock your target in on an animal (or view then with your binoculars, if you’re not close enough), you’ll have the option to study them, if you haven’t discovered them. It just “view info” if you have discovered them. This will tell you what weapon you need to use for a clean kill. Deer, you have to use a rifle. Smaller animals like rabbits you have to use a varmint rifle, or small game arrows.

As for the weapon, did you do the hunting tutorial with Charles? That should equip you with a bow. Also make sure it’s not on your horse. When you’re on your horse you can cycle through any weapons you have stored on it.

I did the hunting tutorial and when I press pause and go through my stuff, I have the bow and riffle, but when I am on my horse, I can’t pull it up. I will keep fiddling with it.

I did figure out if you let off the aim trigger between each shot, it would auto-aim for me. Not sure how secret that is or not.