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MNGophers29 wrote:

Jeepers, I just figured out to wake Uncle up to head to town.

So, with hunting, every deer I have shot has had a bad hide. Is that because of my aim? Also, I know I am early on, but I can only take my pistol hunting at this point? What happpened to my rifle I had in Chapter 1?

Hides are directly impacted by what you hunt them with, as well as what they started out as and how many shots you fire.

As you find more animals you’ll add them to your “compendium” and the compendium information will give you more information about proper weapons to kill different animals with. One-hit (“clean”) kills are also a must. I’ve yet to get a perfect pelt with multiple shots.

Generally speaking for midsize animals (deer, rams, wolves, some gators, etc., I use a Springfield rifle or bolt action rifle). For smaller animals (rabbits, squirrels, Badgers –and you’re damn right I kill every badger I find, I don’t need no stinking Badgers!!, Raccoons, etc will typically go down with a varmint rifle and yield a good pelt (as long as they had one to begin with).

Bow and arrows with small game arrows are also good for squirrels, etc. Regular arrows if you get headshots work for most deer IIRC. If you can craft improved arrows those are basically automatic one-hit kills on anything up to cows/bulls/oxen.