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MNGophers29 wrote:

Dumb question. Do you have to install RDR2 completely? I don’t have a problem with it and my last console was a Wii/PS2, but I need the disc for NHL ‘17, but there are 2 discs for RDR2 and my download was halted because it needed disc 2.

My Xbox is a 500GB one and before I bought it I was told by a Microsoft employee I would never need anything bigger unless I was downloading movies.

Do you guys delete a game after you play it awhile? My problem is I have 4 different people that have their own games and I don’t want to delete their progress if I remove a game they hardly play.

Yeah, you have to install the whole thing, and it’s massive. About 100GB.

I bought an 2TB external HDD to store games on, it was only like 50 bucks. So I don’t have to worry about storage space (yet). But yeah, games are getting bigger and bigger. When GTA V came out people thought it was massive, RDR2 is almost double the size of that. :shock: