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Santa brought me RDR2 in my stocking…lord help me.

Hope you install it a night before attempting to play. It is a hell of a long install. But totally worth it.

I’m up to 96.7% completion now. One of my biggest remaining quests is a pain in the ass mission from the hunting request lady. I need to kill tiny ass birds and Chipmunks and make sure they are perfect carcasses. That one is going to take a while.

The hardest part is going to be getting the different stats to level 10. I’ve got two of them at level 10 (herbalist is complete, horseman I’m two horses away from completing level 10, survivalist I need to catch 7 more species of fish to complete it). The sharpshooter, bandit, gambler, and weapons ones are going to be tough to complete.

The gambler one I’m on now I have to win 3 hands of blackjack while hitting at least 3 times…

I really want to 100% this game, but yeah those challenges seem tedious… Lol

I’m hoping in the time it takes be to 100% it, there will be some single player DLC released! I think I’m at 89.1% right now.

Spoilers hidden if you’re not in chapter 6 or beyond:

[hide]I really wish I had explored Guarma more to find the different animals you can get there. I think I saw that it’s not required to get 100% for that but there are 6-7 animals on the island to see, kill, and skin that I wish I had thought about.

I saw a glitch to get to Guarma through the Mexico glitch online but I guess it takes like half an hour or more to get there if you don’t want to use a cheat code to respawn a horse once you get into Mexico. We’ll see how much time I feel like wasting once I get to that point.[/hide]