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theskillz wrote:

Handyman wrote:

I kind of, in a sadistic way, want to start a second version of the game and make all different choices. I have wasted so much time and not gotten much done. I did just finish a mission where I had to find a bunch of old gunslingers to help right a book…died many times killing those hombres :lol:


My play through right now is where I’m trying to be the good guy whenever possible — helping with camp chores, giving money to those in need, helping people out in the sticks that may need a ride to a doctor, etc.

Next time I’m going straight up evil road agent. Everyone gets robbed or shot. :D

That is my plan after I reach 100% completion in this go-around. I’m up to 95.3% now. Most of what I’ve got left are the different challenges (horseman, herbalist, survivalist, sharpshooter, etc.)