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If you’re playing RDR2 late at night and wanna get a little creeped out, ride through the swamps north of Saint Denis when it’s night time in the game. Particularly after like 10:30pm.

Is that where the zombie people are? I was looking for Miss Belle and got attacked. I killed them but yeah uber creepy.

I got mauled by another bear…and a panther!

I have played it like 18 hours the last few days and I am at 16%. What sucks is I have so many bounties on my head sometimes I cant go anywhere so I just ride around looking for stuff to do/kill.

In case you didn’t know, bounties can be payed off at any post office.

Or have you been so nefarious that you can’t afford to pay your bounties? :lol:

Also note: any goodies you loot off of dead bodies can be sold to a fence if you’re in desperate need of cash, rather than donating them to the camp like I usually did. I kept all the high dollar stuff for myself (gold bars, nuggets, etc.) but like the belt buckles and necklaces and rings I donated to the camp fund.