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Handyman wrote:

Not only did I “take a bath” (after killing two cops and being hunted and killed) but I just got mauled to death by a bear :shock:

While hunting? That sumbitch got me too.

The animal hunts on that game are a blast. They can be extremely frustrating (especially when trying to maintain perfect pelts to turn in to camp and/or trappers) but they can be pretty fun.

I was playing the other day with a party chat going on Xbox live, going to bring a perfect cougar pelt to the trapper (my first perfect cougar pelt ever) and a G D grizzly bear came sprinting up behind me and tried to attack me in the trapper’s camp! He actually got to me because I couldn’t pull a weapon in the camp. Fortunately after he mauled me to the ground I was able to get my knife into him and stab him enough times to ward him off and got my gun up to shoot him…

Then the trapper reported me to police for disturbing the peace and I got a $5 bounty for my efforts 😂 son of a B!