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gopherguy13 wrote:

Chapter 7 spoilers

[hide]I just got to the end of Arthur’s story. I knew it was coming but I was still so bummed. I thought it was a poetic ending; Arthur’s whole life was the gang. He had to go down with the ship.

What a great character, though. John Marston of RDR1 seems so incredibly shallow compared to Arthur.

Oh and I hope in the epilogue I get to meet Micah, and have Marston beat his damn face in to a pulp.

I’m really excited for the western part of the map to open up. So excited to explore the map from RDR1 and see what it’s like in this game![/hide]

Also hiding for spoilers:

[hide]My buddy just finished it last night too. He texted me and said “2 things: already a top 3 game of all time based just on the first 6 chapters. Also, is it weird that I got emotional feelings about a video game horse?”

I felt the same way about the horse. Arthur refusing to leave the horse’s side until he/she passes away, even with bullets flying and John yelling etc? Great piece of work from the game developers. Legit hit me right in the feels. Although part or those feels were rage because I had literally just caught/tamed the white Arabian horse like middle of chapter 5 and got our bonding all the way up like 2 missions before the end. After trying and failing 2 times to tame the arabian (I’d never tried to tame a wild horse before…huge mistake). But that whole storyline was brilliantly written. The last two chapters had some pretty damn intense scenes.

The gangs you meet in the epilogue make the Murfree Brood and Lemoyne Raiders look tame. 😂


I just caught all the legendary fish and am 1 away from all the legendary animals. However to get the legendary panther I still need to get to Hunter level 9 and I’m at like level 5 right now so I’ll have my work cut out for me there.