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Beauner wrote:

I completed the main story in RDR2 like a week ago. I’ve still played (or wanted to play) basically every day since. The side missions, quests, hunting and fishing… So much fun, so many things to do. Unbelievably fun game. All told, I’m at about 86% completion. Haven’t even dabbled in the online stuff.

I think I’m at about 70% completion.

I’ve put A LOT of hours into it and I’m having just as much fun as the day I started. I love the slower pace. I have still yet to fast travel anywhere because of how alive the world feels.

Soooo many little things about the game that I love.

Just riding places at night and seeing various campfires off the paths where people have stopped to make camp for the night is so interesting. Sometimes, if you stop at them, the people are immediately hostile and tell you to leave. Sometimes people are friendly and enjoy the company, and will have a genuine conversation with you. I’ve never played a game where the NPCs feel so real.

I could go on for hours just on stuff like that, not even touching on the main story, which is also fantastic.