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Beauner wrote:

gopherguy13 wrote:

The Show is awesome. Been playing RTTS while I wait for the OS rosters to come out for franchise mode.

My RTTS guy is a third basemen. It’s really fun playing 3B from the 3rd person camera view. I got drafted by the Braves, and am playing for their AA affiliate right now. I really like how you have to actually put in work and do really well to get rewarded. I’m hitting .315ish, with 10 HRs and 60+ RBIs, I believe I’m in August of my first season. I thought when I was hitting like .340ish they would call me up, but no such luck. Now I’ve been on a bit of a cold streak and the average has dropped a bit, so it’s probably good I didn’t get called up to get rocked by AAA pitching :lol:

I really like the manager interactions; they decided they wanted to try playing me at 2B, but I hated it, they eventually moved me back, but it was still cool to have that happen.

I’m having a lot of fun with RTTS, but it is just the appetizer for me, can’t wait for the rosters to be out, so I can dive into a Franchise Mode.

I was gonna post about this yesterday but forgot. I made myself a C cuz that was my favorite position to play growing up (and I figured it would be easy to get called up if I hit well). Plus I wanted to get drafted by the Twins and they need a catcher or twelve obviously. But it backfired cuz the Phillies drafted me.

Little did I know that the accuracy of the pitchers sucks and if they miss their spots and you don’t have a glove there it gets blamed on you :anger:

I got called up to AAA after hitting 17 home runs before the all Star game in AA and then a September call up for the big leagues, despite only having like a .260 average in AAA (I did have 8 more HRs in the month of AAA).

In AA I was in the mid .280s when I got called up.

I really need to work on plate discipline though. I swing at frickin everything :lol: my hitting coaches have already ripped me about it twice.

Yeah plate discipline is tough. I have managed to focus on working more deep counts and it is paying off, I’m drawing more walks. But it’s like, if they pipe a fastball on the first pitch I’m not gonna NOT swing at it, just for the sake of getting deeper into the count. What kind of hitting do you do? I use analog + stride. So you have to pull back, and swing forward with the stick. I feel like I can get the timing down better doing it that way.

Although what I’ve started doing is just sitting dead red on a fastball down the middle on the first pitch. If it looks like it’s anything off-speed or that it might nibble a corner, I’ll let it go. Since I started doing this, I’ve been drawing more walks.

I also love how you can turn umpire “personalities” on (or whatever it’s called) so they will occasionally make mistakes. I love when it’s a 3-2 count and their junk pitch catches a corner, but the ump still calls it a ball :biggrin2:

Of course then I’m cursing the ump when he calls a strike out of the zone. Just like real life! :lol: