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So my roommate bought a PS4, he’s getting The Show when it comes out.

In the meantime I bought Horizon: Zero Dawn. I’m only a couple hours in but I’m loving it so far. Graphically, it’s gorgeous, really impressive. The combat system is really fun, I’ve only encountered 4 different types of machines, but it’s so fun to identify their weaknesses and see how it affects them when those weaknesses are exploited.

The story is intriguing so far, as well.

I preordered The Show on Monday. I may have to check out Horizon too. It looks pretty cool.

It’s really cool. I’m already excited to go home and play it some more :lol:

But I’m really excited for The Show to come out. I have played a baseball video game since MLB 2K10 on the 360, so I’m thinking I’ll be blown away the The Show!

Yeah my last baseball game was MLB 2k13 on Xbox 360, which was basically a turd covered in burnt hair. I played it for like 4 hours and the graphics sucked, the gameplay sucked… And then Xbox stopped making baseball games.