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Watch some of the tutorials on youtube maybe, esp for faceoffs as they are tricky to be sure. You’ll want to curl the joy stick when taking wrist shots (way more effective than snap shots unless they’re one timers). Not sure what else to point out.

Thanks. Watched a few on EA Sport’s page and it helped me almost beat Canada in the World Cup. I was up 3-2 with 7 minutes left in the 3rd and lost 5-3. Better than I have been doing. The game is incredible, especially since the game I have played the most is NHL 94 on Sega and dominated, it is tough to play a game I feel like I am having to learn from scratch.

EDIT: my emotion in the game against Canada was similar to that of any World Cup/WJC game I have watched between US/Can….damn video game.

Dude named baconcountry on YouTube has some good tutorials/advice for each segment of the game too if you want to get a leg up on the competition. Faceoffs were the hardest thing for me though I literally lost every one for years because I didn’t know how to do them :lol: