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Jerk comment, but I laughed out loud!

Anyway, got the kids a Xbox One S for Christmas. It was the Minecraft edition. Figured it would be too obvious if I got one of the additions with a game that was well outside of their ages (8&10). Anyway, picked up NHL 17 for mysel….my son.

Holy hell. The last hockey game I played was on PS2 and I was decent at it. I look like my old man trying to play Ice Hockey on Nintendo with me when I was 12. I am sure they are laughing at me, but I did beat my son this morning.

Anyone have any tips on this game? I don’t want it to end up sitting on the shelf because it is too difficult to play. I have Live, but I can’t even begin to head online until I am much better. Playing with multiple people seems hard, I tried playing with my kid on the same team and he never passes.

I guess I am not ready to give up after 24 hours.