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What’s the word on Battlefield? I’ve never played any of the Battlefield games but it seems very intriguing. How is the gameplay compared to the other main shooters (specifically CoD and Halo)? Obviously BF1 is going to be less techy than Halo because of the era, but my concern is that it’s like CoD: World at War which I thought was hideous.

My roommate and I are playing it as I type this :lol:

I’m really enjoying it. I’ve always been a history buff, so I enjoy the World War I setting/guns/etc. I haven’t even touched the campaign yet, just the opening tutorial mission. We have been playing the Conquest mode on multiplayer. It’s sweet. Compared to CoD, the maps are HUGE, and there are tons of players. I believe in Conquest there are 64 players, 32 a side. It’s got planes, tanks, vehicles. It can be utter chaos. But I also like it because you can be tactical; there are 5 objectives to be captured, so if you have a squad of friends you can be pretty clinical in moving about the map taking various objectives.

The gameplay itself is so cool. The best part by far is the destructive environments. Everything in the maps can be destroyed. Somebody sniping you from a clock tower? Just grab a rocket launcher and destroy the clock tower :lol:

And graphically, it’s just a beautiful game.

Some negatives: sometimes the loading screens take FOREVER. Can take a frustrating amount of time to get into a game. Once you’re in, it’s fine, though. Also, the system for getting new guns is not intuitive at all. Kind of confusing what you have to do in order to unlock new weapons.

Overall, it’s very fun! If you’re coming from CoD, there is a bit of a learning curve, though. It just feels more “real” than CoD, which I think makes it a bit harder, but also more rewarding!

Are you on the PS4 or XB1? Or would it make much of a difference?

I’m on XB1. I know that GFG plays on XB1 as well. (Although I’ve never played with him. [cc: GFG we should play some time!])

I don’t know that there will be any discernible difference on XB1 vs. PS4

I’m definitely game to play with you! Most of the time I just play by myself and it’s usually more fun playing BF with other people.

As for the game itself, it’s pretty awesome. It doesn’t have near the amount of content of past BF games but that’s because they didn’t have tons of weapon attachments and stuff in WWI. They’re releasing 20 more weapons and new vehicles and stuff with the DLC supposedly. It’s the only game I ever consider buying the “Premium” for because I can normally play each installment upwards of 3 years until the next one comes out and I have no problem paying an extra $50 to get 20 more maps, weapons, etc. when it keeps me busy that long.

Like GG13 said, the loading screen is a bit of a nuisance so hopefully they can figure something out to address it even a little bit. I just hit level 81 tonight when I had 48 kills in a plane in one round :lol:

I really enjoy BF 1, I have been playing a lot of Operations for the multiplayer it is like a combo of Conquest and Rush. I really am not good, as I really got back into gaming about 1 year ago after not playing for like 15 years.

The War Stories (campaign) are excellent, I highly suggest that you play those and don’t just stick to the multiplayer.