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So much for testing it out tonight. Still only 50% downloaded. Guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

I’ll most likely be on tomorrow night. You can learn from the best!

(By “the best”, I mean someone who is just starting to consistently get near or above a 1.00 k/d :lol: )

I should be on tomorrow night. I’ve been a huge BF player for 7 years and am nearly always top 3 on my team, many times the top. I’ll be glad to help out both of you and give you guys tips. Battlefield games have a huge learning curve compared to all other first person shooter games b/c of the large scale and weapon recoil. BF1 is a bit easier to get the hang of than BF4 b/c they greatly reduced bullet drop and increased bullet speed. I’m sure I can give both of you a lot of pointers. If your friend wants to join that’s awesome too, GG13