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Okay, complete modern video game newbie here. A couple weeks back I posted I was looking at getting a Roku TV for the bedroom. While shopping for that my wife spied the 65″ 4K screens and decided we need one of those. Then she decided we need to get into gaming and UHD Blu-ray as well, so she is now focused on the “XBox One S”. As regards the XBox, is the 500GB console generally going to be adequate? Obviously less $$$ than the 1TB and 2TB. Also, does one need the “Kinect” device or is that not really necessary? I’m learning my wife is a bigger danger in Best Buy than I am. :lol:

For the Kinect, I’d say you can decide based on whether or not you’re going to integrate your Xbox with cable/satellite TV (I don’t know if you can run a Roku through it, but if it runs through an HDMI cable you probably can).

You can do voice controls which are pretty cool. Turning the TV on/off, changing channels, etc.

And yeah the 500gb should be plenty. I have a 500gb console and it’s plenty. I think the 1tb and 2tb are more for those who want to store a vast library of music or have HD movies on their console.