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I have Ice Hockey on my phone and the game is f’n impossible without a legit controller. I get beat like 15-1 all the time. I’ve been playing all of the Pokemon games on my phone the past 2 years so I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon Go as well. Grand Forks is completely packed with pokestops and gyms so it’s really hard to run out of pokeballs. It’s absolutely amazing seeing how many people here are playing this game. There are literally people out playing every minute of every day and night. Most of the people I see playing actually seem to be between 20-30 years old, which is right about that age for everyone that grew up in the phase. I’ve seen plenty of people in their 40’s and stuff playing as well. It’s kind of crazy to see so many people that weren’t big fans of Pokemon out playing the game too.

Supposedly they’re adding the 2nd generation Pokemon to the game in December and the ability to trade with friends and battle friends is supposed to be added some time soon.