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Feeling really old with all this Pokemon stuff…

I think it was a cartoon in the 90’s…. Must have been a game as well?

Yeah Nintendo Gameboy games, plus a card game. Probably hit popularity around 1996-1997. I believe I was 4th grade when they got really big.

I never got into Pokémon, and saw people referencing (not just here but on social media) it being a 90’s thing and I don’t think that was really the case. Quick look at the games list and the first video games weren’t released in North America until September 1998 and the cartoons and card games were late 1998 as well. So technically it started in the 90’s but it was more of an early 2000s thing IMO.

*I have played it with my younger cousins and always thought it was kind of neat and fun. I think its funny how people are over reacting to the craze like those who enjoy it are from another planet.