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Call of Duty Inifinite Warfare’s trailer is up to the 5th most “disliked” video in the history of Youtube after being released a week ago, making it the most disliked videogame trailer in history :lol:

Battlefield 1’s reveal trailer made the “Most views in 24 hours” list for youtube at #15 with 15.6 million, making it the highest viewed video game trailer in history for 24 hours.

Interesting to see the hate that COD is receiving. They’ve been such a power for so long. Maybe just a victim of the internet hate train?

I think a lot of the fans of CoD (myself being one of them) are really sick and tired of CoD being entirely futuristic. I haven’t even played the last 3-4 releases. I used to play them all, and spent an almost embarrassing amount of time playing MW, MW2, and MW3. I enjoyed Ghosts but once they started putting jet packs on people and that kind of crap I just got so bored by it. If I wanted to play super futuristic games I’d play Halo (and I do).
CoD would do better to go back to their roots with more contemporary weapons, etc. Which is why their new release is also coming with a remastered version of Modern Warfare, which will no doubt be played 10x more than Infinite Warfare.

My personal opinion is that the campaign mode is not good, Black Ops III is horrible. I think a lot of people want a good campaign before jumping into the multiplayer. I am glad I just rented the last couple CoD versions. DICE does a great job with the campaigns their lone exception was the Star Wars Battlefront which the campaign mode doesn’t exist except for some training battles which I am super bummed about but dealt with it because I love the Star Wars Universe so much.