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@GrandForksGopher wrote:

Call of Duty Inifinite Warfare’s trailer is up to the 5th most “disliked” video in the history of Youtube after being released a week ago, making it the most disliked videogame trailer in history :lol:

Battlefield 1’s reveal trailer made the “Most views in 24 hours” list for youtube at #15 with 15.6 million, making it the highest viewed video game trailer in history for 24 hours.

Interesting to see the hate that COD is receiving. They’ve been such a power for so long. Maybe just a victim of the internet hate train?

I think a lot of the fans of CoD (myself being one of them) are really sick and tired of CoD being entirely futuristic. I haven’t even played the last 3-4 releases. I used to play them all, and spent an almost embarrassing amount of time playing MW, MW2, and MW3. I enjoyed Ghosts but once they started putting jet packs on people and that kind of crap I just got so bored by it. If I wanted to play super futuristic games I’d play Halo (and I do).
CoD would do better to go back to their roots with more contemporary weapons, etc. Which is why their new release is also coming with a remastered version of Modern Warfare, which will no doubt be played 10x more than Infinite Warfare.