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WWI isn’t terribly conducive to a video game. Lots of trench warfare, no real advance air combat and what little there was tended to be slow and fairly simple, the weapons were fairly uniform with the big MGs coming near the end, and the naval battles tended to be very primitive. It would look a lot like battlefield 1942 with even less advanced tech.

Maybe not though. There were plenty of intense and interesting battles.

Please. I can already see myself stabbing my teammate to death to take his gas mask as clouds of mustard gas roll into my trench. Exhilarating! :biggrin2:

Was it the eastern or western front that was mostly trench warfare? I know whichever front wasn’t the major trench battles had some big battles.

One can only hope we get Battlefield 1776 next. Imagine the clusterf**k of trying to get an entire lobby lined up to march straight into musket and cannon fire :lol: