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I have an Atari and original Nintendo in a box somewhere. I’ve threatened several times to dig them out but have no clue how they will work with a modern television. Is there any special adapters needed? And how does the picture quality come out on an HD tv?

The picture quality likely won’t be great. It shouldn’t be much, if any, worse, but it won’t be HD. I used to play N64 on an HDTV all the time and the graphics were pretty similar to how they were in an SD TV.

As for the adapter, I’m sure you’ll need one but I have no idea which one.

It will look pretty bad, to be honest. Even old Playstation games (through my PS3) on my HD are incredibly blocky. The graphics on those old systems were actually much lower resolution than most TVs at the time were capable of, so scaling that up, it gets that much worse.

As to connections, I suspect that either of them will have a connection option that will be a Red/White/Yellow three-plug cable. Pretty much any current TV will have at least one set of inputs for this (Red is right-audio, White is left ,Yellow is video).