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Ugh. We’re going to have to wait until June for No Man’s Sky. Boo that call.

I mean, I’m thrilled they are taking the time to get it right, but s**t man, the media storm they’ve had the last two months has been crazy for a game that’s coming out almost a year later.

November is a huge release month for video games and June is a time when very few games come out. Since this is a PS4 exclusive for consoles (its on PC), I’m sure Sony was hoping that it would come out for the holidays. They will have very little competition to go up against when it is released in June. I have only read a few articles about the game, but the hype is unbelievable, especially for an indie game. I’ll definitely give it a shot when it comes out.

I’m not sure they’re avoiding November for competition. THere’s no reason to avoid it. People who want the game will find a way to buy it. Just seems bit vague too. All they said was June 2016. Which, the way this thing has been run, is going to be December 2016. *shrug*