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Playing FIFA 16 with these sliders

Legendary / slow gameplay
Sprint 48/48
Acceleration 50/50
Shot Error 54/54
Pass Error 60/60
Shot Speed 48/48
Pass Speed 42/42
GK Ability 42/42
Marking 55/55
Run Freq. 5/5
Height 48/48
Length 52/52
Width 48/48
Fullbacks 60/60
First Touch 85/85

It’s FANTASTIC. The first touch error being up at 85 really loosens up the ball (gives it more of that PES feel) and run frequency set at 5 really slows the game down to a more realistic level. I’ve only played one game, and multiple times I actually saw the CPU stop with the ball (completely STOPPED) to survey the field for a second before picking out a pass. Brilliant.