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FIFA 16 – Dethroned.

I didn’t find this guy’s review to be very helpful. He attacks Fifa for being a slower game and more difficult, which I believe is a good thing, since a lot of years it was just an up and down track meet. From most accounts, this years game pushes you towards being more tactical and building up attack which to me is an improvement. One thing Fifa has on its side is sliders to adjust things like pass accuracy, shot accuracy, game speed, etc. The only thing you can adjust on PES is game speed. PES also really lacks in fouls, which limits set pieces that are essential to the game. In about a week of playing PES, I’ve had about 2 free kicks and zero penalties. I don’t think Ive seen the cpu take a single free kick. Konami is not known for their post release support, so who knows if the game will see a patch or how frequent roster updates will be.

I played a few games with a friend of mine on xbox (xbox gamers got a “free” trial if you have EA access) and I still feel that PES has slightly better gameplay. Yet, fifa’s gameplay is still really good. EPL is the league I pay attention to the most, followed by the Bundesliga. I had to edit all the team names and import images into EPL in order to have the real kits show up in PES. That took about four hours and that was just for one league and just to update kits and team names.

If your a big fan of the EPL or Bundesliga, avoid PES. There are also no MLS teams in PES and if you wanted to bring Altidore or Dempsey back to the EPL, you can’t because they don’t exist in the game.

The lack of fouls in PES and support for my favorite soccer leagues has caused me to change course and go back to Fifa.

Matthew Kato from Game Informer gave PES a 9 and Fifa an 8.75.