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This is my most successful FM save ever :dance: :dance: :dance:

Quite congested at the top, 3 teams tied at 79 points. I only won the league on goal difference :shock:

Won League 2 in my first season with Oxford. Finished 11th in League 1 in year 2. And now, in year 3, just won the league to move up to the Championship! :dup:

I’ve been mainly relying on free transfer castoffs from big English teams. But now that I’m in the Championship, I’m really going to look at scouting some young guys with really high potential. And then I can look forward to the EPL teams poaching my roster every year. My star keeper already has come to me saying he has higher ambitions and wants to leave this offseason. :x

edit: holy schnikes, the money really rolls in when you get promoted. My sponsorships (jersey sponsor, ground sponsor, etc) more than doubled, up to $2.7m!