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Have you played the FIFA 16 demo? I feel like the players in FIFA this year have much more weight. The momentum seems better, the stopping/starting, and changing direction seems more realistic.

Yeah, I played it quite a bit. The momentum does seem slightly improved as well as the collision system. It’s tough to explain and its probably just my personal preference of gameplay, but I just like how PES flows. For example, slide tackling in PES. I feel like I can control the slide tackle, but in FIFA its a very risky move and even when you think you’ve got it lined up, the player seems to stop and then tackle so you end up behind the player, causing a foul. PES uses your momentum and the tackler gets out front better. I’ve tried PES the past few years on Ps4 and Ps3 and I never really enjoyed how it played. People raved about the AI, but I always thought Fifa had better overall gameplay. I’m curious to see how I feel about Fifa after playing PES for a few months.

I think the only major issue I have is the lack of fouls in both games. Set pieces are a ton of fun, but you don’t get that many chances in either game. Last year FIFA didn’t have a penalty slider and I know that PES doesn’t this year.