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Caved and bought NHL 16 today. Can’t go two years without a hockey game.

Definitely going to pick up FIFA next week, as well. I will say that PES has some positives. It seems more fluid, like you said, but I think FIFA is getting better, in that regard.

And at this point, I’m just so ingrained into FIFA that I don’t think I could switch to PES. All the licenses that FIFA has (EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, and on and on and on) put it over the top for me.

Bought PES 16 yesterday without doing enough research. Since PES lacks licensing for the Premiere league, people in the community would often make edits to teams so you could have real kits and badges and so on. All you had to do in years past was download a master file and you would get all of the edits. This worked great and the work that was done looked very authentic. However, this year you can’t use other peoples master file. Luckily we are able to import images and konami has a team editor that is easy to use, but it’s going to take time to edit all teams. From what I’ve read Xbox doesn’t seem to have the same editor. So if you own an xbox, DONT buy PES 16.

I’m very interested to see how Fifa does in reviews. The gameplay really improved last year and this year it appears they spent a good amount of time adding stadiums and women’s teams, improving FUT and improving other graphic enhancements like their new weather system. I could be wrong, but players in Fifa will actually get dirty throughout the game, PES doesn’t do that.

Even though Fifa is more polished game in terms of licensing and graphics, PES has just nailed the gameplay. It’s hard to explain, but after playing PES, Fifa players kinda feel like they are on skates. Regardless of their differences, both games are fun to play and might end up being to two highest rated sports games.