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PES 16 got a 9.0 from Game Informer and NHL got a 7.75. NHL was almost unplayable on PS4 last year for a multitude of reasons, and most accounts say that it has bounced back nicely. The biggest issues seem to be with online modes and other game modes like “Be a Pro”. Still I’m not confident to go out and buy it just yet.

I really thought this year that PES played better than Fifa as far as the demo goes. I’m going to wait until Fifa comes out next week, but I think PES 16 will be my purchase over Fifa or NHL. The player movements in PES just feel so much more fluid than Fifa does. The realism regarding the Premier license and stadiums for Fifa is my only hesitation for buying Fifa instead of PES. If you are more of a fan of the UEFA champions league, then I would say PES is the better option.