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Thinking about picking up an XBox One. Now that they have been out for a while, who can give me solid reviews on it? Is the experience so far superior to the 360 that it is worth $350?

If you spend a reasonable amount of time gaming, yes, buy it.

That is kinda the key. I play a lot of ncaa14 and NHL. If I got XBox One I’d probably consider picking up Madden (haven’t owned a Madden game since probably 2005).

I own a PS4 but if I was buying now, I would probably get a Xbox. When they first came out, the Xbox was like 50-100$ more because you HAD to buy the Kinect with it. I’ve been with Sony since the beginning and I was open to change, but Microsoft really started off on the wrong foot. I’m also a fan of the Show and Xbox currently has no MLB game.

Since Xbox is behind on sales, they have lowered the price (no longer comes with a Kinect) and at one point you were able to get a 40″ TV included at no extra cost. It also works directly with your cable box so it acts more like a multimedia setup. One of the cool additions is the ability to stream the xbox onto your PC. Most people report zero lag when they do this. From most reports the PS4s hardware is a touch more powerful, but as of now it hasn’t been an issue.