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Played the PES 16 demo this weekend after hearing rave reviews about it. I think this is the first year in awhile that PES could challenge Fifa. They say that pretty much every year, but I was impressed with how improved the gameplay is this year. For me, Fifa still has the edge because of their license with the Premiere league. However, if you’re more into the other leagues and UEFA Champions league, I would grab PES.

After looking over the feature set for Fifa, there don’t seem to be that many improvements. They added the women’s teams, but for me that doesn’t have much value. EA seems to have focused heavily on the Ultimate Team mode, while making slight improvements to the gameplay over the last few years. Their partnership with the EPL and graphics have allowed them to stay on top, but I feel their gameplay needs much improvement.

Madden hasn’t been good in 5 or 6 years and NHL was horrible last year. Fifa has been the game that has really stood out for them, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the franchise took a step back.