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Picked up The Witcher 3 when it came out a few weeks ago and it is very impressive. You can tell they spent so much time developing this game and it shows up in graphics as well as the story line. It’s not important to play the first two games as they do a great job filling you in on the important aspects. Most RPGs have a certain path you follow, usually good or evil that dictates your story line. This game blurs those lines and the “right” choice isn’t always obvious. I enjoyed Skyrim and Dragon Age but for some reason The Witcher’s story line feels more authentic. The combat takes a little time to get comfortable with but that’s been the only drawback so far. The developer will be providing a bunch of free DLC for months to come and plan on 30 hours of expansion content sometime around November (I believe the expansion will not be free). Game Informer rathed it a 9.75 and many publications gave it a perfect score. Beware, you could easily spend a 100 hours or more in one playthrough, but that makes it well worth your money.