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Fifa 15 is the best sports game on PS4. It’s amazing how fluid it plays compared to NHL or Madden. If you’re a fan of EPL then Fifa should be your choice since they have the licences for all teams and stadiums.

I only played the PES demo, but I still prefer Fifa. Fifa has much better presentation and the gameplay is slightly better IMO. PES does seem to be gaining ground after 2014 was a major step back.

Wish I would of waited to play GTA until it came our for PS4. Don’t think it’s worth the money for a second playthrough for better graphics and new POV.

Do you/did you play soccer? Back when PES owned FIFA on the PS2, I think a lot of people that haven’t played a ton wouldn’t notice the small things that made it the best.

I agree on GTA. I don’t have a PS4 yet, but if I did I just don’t know if I’d buy the game again.

Played soccer when I was a kid, but decided to play football instead. I think my body wishes I wouldve stayed with soccer.

PES was definitely the better series for a good portion of their life span. Fifa in the past has been a turbo fest and their was no need to be strategic. Over the past few years Fifa has improved and you actually see set pieces and using turbo too often quickly gets you in trouble.

Adjusting sliders and team tactics allows for more variety between teams, but Fifa still needs to improve in pace of play.

Most people don’t have time to play full 90 min matches and im not sure there is even an option to do so. This means the game will get sped up to some degree.