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@mjarz02 wrote:

Fifa 15 is the best sports game on PS4. It’s amazing how fluid it plays compared to NHL or Madden. If you’re a fan of EPL then Fifa should be your choice since they have the licences for all teams and stadiums.

I only played the PES demo, but I still prefer Fifa. Fifa has much better presentation and the gameplay is slightly better IMO. PES does seem to be gaining ground after 2014 was a major step back.

Wish I would of waited to play GTA until it came our for PS4. Don’t think it’s worth the money for a second playthrough for better graphics and new POV.

Do you/did you play soccer? Back when PES owned FIFA on the PS2, I think a lot of people that haven’t played a ton wouldn’t notice the small things that made it the best.

I agree on GTA. I don’t have a PS4 yet, but if I did I just don’t know if I’d buy the game again.