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Day off for Veteran’s Day, so I picked up Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

Best looking game I’ve seen on XB1/PS4. Visually fantastic.

But is the game any good? Reviews were rough on it.

Sounds like PES has surpassed FIFA again. Also, the first person view on GTA looks EPIC.

Yeah AC unity got hammered in the reviews, seems like most problems can be resolved by future patches. For some reason I can never get into the AC series. The games look like fun, but I tend to lose interest quickly.

Fifa 15 is the best sports game on PS4. It’s amazing how fluid it plays compared to NHL or Madden. If you’re a fan of EPL then Fifa should be your choice since they have the licences for all teams and stadiums.

I only played the PES demo, but I still prefer Fifa. Fifa has much better presentation and the gameplay is slightly better IMO. PES does seem to be gaining ground after 2014 was a major step back.

Wish I would of waited to play GTA until it came out for PS4. Don’t think it’s worth the money for a second playthrough for better graphics and new POV.

If you’re a fan of RPGs, Dragon Age is getting fantastic reviews. It’s one of those games where the choices you make matter. Choices you made in the previous two games carry over. However, if you didn’t play either or don’t have the save files, there is a walkthrough that let’s you make them before playing.