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@The Rube wrote:

I sadly never owned a Nintendo. Parents never wanted a console in the home. My (well, my bro’s and my; we saved up and paid equal shares for one) first system was the Genesis.

A few years later, I bought a 2600 on eBay. Our friends were the ones with the gaming systems, and many an night was had chugging Mountain Dew, eating Totino’s pizza rolls, and playing video games (mostly sports). Of course, since then, I’ve been a Playstation loyalist, although I only (rarely) play a couple games anymore: Tiger Woods, Gran Turismo, and a turn-based strategy game called Romance Of The Three Kingdoms.

I think my newest Madden is 2006, and newest NHL is 2008. :oops:

Here is how video game console purchases worked in my family: begged for am Atari forever got a 7800 the year Nintendo came out. Begged for a Nintendo, parents bought a 10 pound bag of Jolly Ranchers from Sam’s Club, we paid a nickel per to save up enough money, by the time we had enough and bought it Super Nintendo came out! I then got a job and overpaid for the PS1 not long after it came out, same with PS2. Didn’t buy a Wii until they had been out for a while and now unsure what to buy…

Anyway, miss our old Atari 7800, the games were pretty neat. Nintendo had some epic games too (Tecmo Bowl, Tyson’s Punch Out). Seta Genesis hockey on out of town hockey tournaments was a staple of my childhood. Remember the first time I saw PS1 Triple Play 97….blown away!

Is it just me or do the first versions of sports game you play set the gold standard for which each one that comes out afterwards is compared to? Triple Play 97, Tiger Woods 2003, NHL 2004…the ones after seemed unimpressive.