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Played the FIFA 14 demo earlier today. I was very pleasantly surprised. The new momentum is very very nice. No more sprinting down the wing, stopping on a dime, and cutting in behind the defender for a free run at goal, they actually have to take a few steps to stop from a full sprint.

The ball also seems more lively and realistic, takes players a little longer to corral it at times.

Of course, the sim community is still complaining that the CPU attacks way too much. This isn’t a big deal to me, because I had it tuned where the CPU would actually have a pretty decent build up instead of just attacking like crazy.

Have they fixed how the cpu defenders react when you call in a second one? It’s incredibly annoying when you control a defender and then you call in the CPU defender to (ideally) attack and surprise the guy with the ball, but instead the cpu defender just stands there. Makes it incredibly hard to get possession back when you double team and the cpu is completely useless.